March 24-26, 2017; Cleveland, Ohio

OPEN (32): 1-Jacek Wojciechowski (Poland), 2-Sean Garber (IN); 1C-Jacob "Stick" Rice (OH), 2C-Karen Davis (DC).

ADVANCED (45): 1-Gary Koscielny (NY), 2-Mike Clapsadle (MI); 1C-Mike Vasilatos (OH), 2C-Ben Elliott (NC); 1LC-Ricky Griggs (MI).

NOVICE (6): 1-Jeff Hoelzel (IL), 2-Christa Solovey (MI).

OHIO MASTERS (15): 1-Jacob "Stick" Rice (OH), 2-Karen Davis (DC).

AMATEUR JACKPOT (16): 1-Ben Elliott (NC), 2-Gary Koscielny (NY).

DOUBLES (12 teams): 1-Mike Vasilatos (OH) & Bill Versaw (PA), 2-Doug & Wanda Roberts (MA).

MICRO BLITZ (32): 1-Bonnie Rogoff (OH), 2-Carol Joy Cole (MI).

QUICKIES (32): 1-Bonnie Rogoff (OH), 2-Phil Simborg (IL).

P-40 BOARD TOURNAMENT (4): 1-Dion Hogan (MI).

THURSDAY WARM-UP (13): 1-Ben Elliott (NC), 2-Joe Miller (OH).


email    OSBC@NEO.RR.COM

Joe Miller, Director  330-268-4610

We will hold our club monthly tournaments  at 1:00 PM each month at the:

Brubaker's Pub

357 South Main. Akron.


First time Novice players  will have a free entry to the tournament!!

Ohio State Backgammon Club

The Ohio State Backgammon Club was established in 1979. With more players learning the game through the Internet. We have continued to add new players to our roster each year. Please come join us at our monthly tournaments. Or contact us if you would like free lessons.

As a member of the United States Backgammon Federation. A not-for-profit organization devoted to advancing the awareness, participation, education and enjoyment of the skill based game of backgammon. I will work to promote growth and opportunities for players of all levels. I plan on helping to bring the federation to the attention of all players of this great game. I have membership information available. Or you can go to theUSBGF web page for more info.

2017 Club Player of the year,

***** Joe Miller ****

Our schedule for 2018.

Sunday January 7th

Sunday February 4th

​Sunday March 11th

​March 16th - 18th

​***24th Annual Ohio State Backgammon Championships

​** Cleveland Airport Marriott Hotel****

Sunday April 8th

Sunday May 6th

Sunday June 3rd

​Sunday July 1st

​Sunday August 5th

Sunday September 2nd

Sunday October 7th

Sunday November 4th