New location starting October !st

We will be holding our Club Monthly tourneys at :

Ray's Place

25 Ghent Road



2024  29th Annual Ohio State backgammon Championships

March 21st - 24th 

Crowne Plaza Hotel


email    OSBC@NEO.RR.COM

Joe Miller, Director  330-268-4610

The Ohio State Backgammon Club was established in 1979. With more players learning the game through the Internet. We have continued to add new players to our roster each year. Please come join us at our monthly tournaments. Or contact us if you would like free lessons.Free coaching sessions for Novice players will be offered during the registration period  at the start of the day, and everyone is welcome to attend at any time of the day to observe, learn the basics and play social games until they feel ready to step up to tournament play. All ages are welcome!

Congratulations to Tigran Avanesian

Our 2022 Club Player of the year.




Sunday May 7th

Sunday June 4th

Sunday July 9th

Sunday August 6th

Sunday Sept.  10th

new loactaion***

Sunday October 1st **

Sunday November 5th**

Ray's Place

25 Ghent Road



Starting Time for registration will be Noon

Play starts at 1:00PM 

March 23-26, 2023; Cleveland, Ohio

ABT CHAMPIONSHIP (42): 1-Garry Kallos (Canada), 2-Greg Merriman (MI), 3-Gary Koscielny (FL), 4/5-Marcy Kossar / John O'Hagan (IN); 1C-Sean Garber (IN), 2C-Bill Calton (MI).

ABT ADVANCED (40): 1-Boris Shafransky (MD), 2-Laura Granger (CO), 3-Tom Rebelo (Canada), 4/5-Anatoly Katsnelson (IL) / Joshua Posthuma (MI); 1C-William Reeves (CO), 2C-David Abood (OH).

NOVICE (8): 1-Barbara Molocznik (OH), 2/5-Charlene Britton (OH) / Kevin Haas (IN) / Brian Hilberg (OH) / Mark Shepardson (VA).

BMAB-USA OHIO (22): 1/3-Ben Friesen (MI) / Irina Litzenberger (VA) / Larry Shiller (TX). PR Winners: 1-Dana Nazarian (CA) at 3.24, 2-Marty Storer (NH) at 3.36, 3-Nick Blasier (WI) at 4.59, 4-John O'Hagan (IN) at 4.68, 5-Bill Lonergan (NY) at 5.77.

OHIO MASTERS (24): 1-Greg Merriman (MI), 2-Dana Nazarian (CA), 3-Sean Garber (IN).

LIMITED JACKPOT (24): 1-Bill Lonergan (NY), 2-Scotty Kelland (CT), 3-Jerry Shea (NY).

DOUBLES (16 teams): 1-Irina & Roberto Litzenberger (VA), 2-Gary Koscielny (FL) & Larry Shiller (TX).

WARM-UP TOURNAMENT: 1-Eric Hiner (MN), 2-Ray Cifani (OH).

AFTER-TOURNEY TOURNAMENT (13): 1/2 split-Dan Minardi (CO) / Jerry Shea (NY).​

As a member of the United States Backgammon Federation. A not-for-profit organization devoted to advancing the awareness, participation, education and enjoyment of the skill based game of backgammon. I will work to promote growth and opportunities for players of all levels. I plan on helping to bring the federation to the attention of all players of this great game. I have membership information available. Or you can go to theUSBGF web page for more info.