The hotel is only three miles from the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Complimentary Airport Transportation &

shuttle service within a five mile radius is available from the Marriott.




This  ABT  ( American Backgammon Tour ) Sanctioned event will be held

March 16TH, to March 18th , 2018


We are playing "Responsible Moves" at this tournament.

You are responsible for your illegal misplays, and can be penalized accordingly. So play carefully.

You are permitted to play "Legal Moves", correcting your opponents misplays either on your own or by mutual agreement. 

​We will use the USBGF Rules with some options during our event.

No dice on checkers .

One set of dice is to be used for all tournament play.

Clocks in all Open events if one player requests it.

​Clocks must be used in all Doubles events.

​Tapping the clock or the center bar of the board will be used to end a players turn.

​Players should bring a clock if they will play in a event where it will be needed*

​Some clocks will be available

If you would like to get a entry form. Or more information on this upcoming tournament. Please send a email to OSBC@NEO.RR.COM  and you will receive a response as soon as possible.

Cleveland Marriott Airport

4277 west 150th street

Cleveland, OH 44135

You can call 1-800-627-7468 for reservations by March 8th. If all

 rooms allotted for the special tournament rate are gone when you call. Please dial the hotel direct at 216-252-5333 for additional rooms. Please mention the Backgammon Tournament rate of $99.0 per night for a single or double room when you call.

You must call the hotel to get your room at the special rates.

1-800-228-9290  or 216-252-5333

The Marriott Accommodations : Single & Double Rooms will be $99.00 + tax.